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Why the need for XlevelRetail?

Scenario 1

You are the CEO of a retail store, you have 3 branches up but barely running.

You have to be physically at these branches to get the sales or call someone on the phone.

You confirm stock of items by checking manual invoices making sure it corresponds with what is in your files and praying that your staff did not "forget" to record a transaction or simply miscount the number of goods.

You obviously cannot take a day off because you are not sure of your employees, expansion means more work which affects your health, social life is out of it because you are a 24/7 business.

Sound familiar?

Scenario 2

You lounge by the pool on a hot day in one of the World's most sought out Resorts.

Using your phone, you access an app that allows you to view the CCTV cameras in your stores, yes your over 25 retail branches.

Next you decide to see your sales for the day ..there is another app for that, real time sales and other transaction data in all your stores sliced and diced anyway you want.

Using this information, you start making plans for the opening of the next branch and for the fun of it, you decide to check which of your employees was late today if they have any queries or even who is meant to be on leave.

This is not utopia, it is the XlevelRetail way of running business.

We are sure Scenario 2 appeals to you.

This is what XLevelRetail is all about - peace of mind while your business grows

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Meet the Team

Olamide Shodunke

Founder and CEO
I LOVE MUSIC, and my taste is quite eclectic ranging from hip-hop to RnB to Jazz
  • Favorite band is The Roots
  • Favorite group is A tribe called Quest
  • Favorite artist is Des'ree
  • Favorite Naija artist is Timi Dakolo

Israel Amusan

Lover of Jazz, Guitarist, Pianist and Drummer

Uwakwe Kingsley

ERP Analyst/Accounting Services
A lover of art, football and board games. Enjoys sharing knowledge and and open to new ideas.

Omotayo Olokede

Tech Support
KoloTayo is a simple, easy going guy embedded with the love of football either physical, social or practical football. He loves listening to gospel songs and enjoys meeting new friends.

Abiola Odejimi

ERP Analyst/Accounting Services
A friend like no other, he loves to encourage others. Loves to listen and share ideas

Koleosho Olamide A.

ERP Analyst/Customer Services
Pseudo-Introverted Otaku, loves music (80% rock), food and sleep